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Friday, February 20, 2015

Resolve 748 GB limitation for the hard disk over 2, 3 tera (2TB, 3TB)

Today I got my 3 TB (tera bits) disk and I tried to put it in an old system (HP desktop, 10 years old).
running Windows 7 (32 bits).

  • (1) install the disk and then re-start the computer: The BIOS will see it as 748GB - not good sign, you may say - no need to worry.

  • (2) after signing-in Windows, go to the Disk Management tool: right-click on the Computer, from Start, and then select "manage" > "disk management".

  • (3) the initialization of the HDD popup comes up, and you have to select the GTP mode.

  • (4) you create a new volume, and Windows and File Explorer will see it as 748GB hard disk.

After few restarts you can use the Partition Assistant  to increase your partition to 2.7 TBytes.

It worked for me.

Cheers & Success!