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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 The "joy" of asynchronous programming

[TheServerSide Newsletter]
January 25, 2011 4

In This Issue
    The "joy" of asynchronous programming
    Q&A: Embedded systems middleware demystified
    Project management tools and strategies: Team building and managing basics
    Applying control theory concepts in software applications
TSSJS Spotlight
    Session Spotlight: How jQuery Made Bob a Rich Man
Key Headlines
    Some key headlines:
    How would you write factorial(n) in java?
    Jevgeni Kabanov gets some reactions to the Java EE productivity report
    10 Tips for Proper Application Logging
    National UK News Paper the Guardian adopts Scala

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The "joy" of asynchronous programming
Jose Maria Arranz

Everyone knows that concurrent programming and management of threads in general are necessary because the world of web programming is essentially concurrent and multiple clients can gain access at the same time. Thread management is necessary, but is complicated in turn.


Q&A: Embedded systems middleware demystified
Check out this exclusive Q&A with expert Tammy Noergaard who discusses embedded systems middleware and lessons learned while writing her book, "Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware."

Project management tools and strategies: Team building and managing basics
This learning guide introduces project managers to tools and strategies with a variety of articles, tutorials, tips and expert responses about Gantt charts and collaboration tools.

Applying control theory concepts in software applications
Find out how concepts of control theory can also be applied to software architectures that have a need for controlling dynamical behavior. Control theory may give more general view on the functionality and inner working of many software frameworks.

TSSJS Spotlight

Session Spotlight: How jQuery Made Bob a Rich Man
Join Bear Bibeault, author of jQuery in Action, as he introduces you to the jQuery JavaScript library - a library that can help any Java professional create great and feature-rich web UIs without having to become a JavaScript guru.

This introductory session is not just for developers, but for managers and decision makers as well. Decision makers and managers attending this session will see how inexpensive (as in free) and easy it is to immediately start integrating rich content into their enterprise applications today using jQuery.

Learn more about How jQuery Made Bob a Rich Man at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 in Las Vegas.

Key Headlines

How would you write factorial(n) in java?
Evolution of the Python Programmer was pointed out on twitter this morning, which shows a lot of Python attempts at factorials. It's humor, but got me thinking. How would Java programmers really write a factorial method?

Jevgeni Kabanov gets some reactions to the Java EE productivity report
In one of Jevgeni Kabanov's latest blog entries, he's provided some of the more interesting feedback that his survey has received, including comments from the Oracle, JBoss, Tapestry and even JSF camps.

10 Tips for Proper Application Logging
Application logging is a critical but often misunderstood part of a system. Our latest JCP partner, Tomasz Nurkiewicz, has submitted a number of posts describing the basic principles of proper application logging. I decided to aggregate them in a more compact format and present them to you.

National UK News Paper the Guardian adopts Scala
The Guardian, a national news paper in the UK, adopts Scala for its new Content API as its first project in Scala. Find out more about this exciting project and learn how the project team managed the transition and learnt Scala as a team (coming from Java).

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CodeProject: Newsletter (24 Jan 2011)

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Ajay Vijayvargiya - Writing Windows Debugger - Part 2
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Meshack Musundi - WPF Speedster
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Kanasz Robert - Visualization and Comparison of sorting algorithms in C#
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New articles added


  • Exposing Dynamic Events in the WinForms Designer - OrlandoCurioso
    A solution to declaring dynamic events on control arrays at design time
    C# (C#2.0), .NET, Visual-Studio (VS2010), WinForms, Dev

  • Secure Delete .Net - Dylan Morley
    A windows explorer like interface using the sdelete program (Unedited)
    C# (C#4.0), .NET, WinForms, Dev, .NET4

Shell and IE programming


ASP.NET Controls


Web Services

Windows Phone 7

  • Code Project Posts Analyzer for Windows Phone 7 - Nishant Sivakumar
    This is a WP7 application that will analyze your most recent posts and give you summarized statistics on your forum wide posting split up.
    C#, Mobile (Windows-Phone-7), Silverlight, Architect, Dev, QA, Design



  • Host Switcher - Daniel Carvalho Liedke
    Quickly and easy alternate between servers in hosts file (Unedited)
    C#, WinForms, Dev, SysAdmin

  • How C# new dynamic type can simplify access to late bound COM object - Igor Merabishvili
    How C# new dynamic type can simplify access to late bound COM object (Unedited)
    C#, Windows, .NET, COM, Dev

  • Fast and Less Fast Loops in C# - Simeon Sheye
    How fast can a loop reading from memory be made to run and how does loop constructs, data types, interfaces, unrolling and hoisting affect performance? (Unedited)
    C#, .NET (.NET2.0, .NET3.0, .NET3.5), Architect, Dev, C#3.5, General, threads, coding, programming, performance, .NET4, Managed, Code, Generics, VisualStudio

  • Basic Events Out Of The Box - George Nairooze
    Use simple events the same way you call a method. (Unedited)
    C#, .NET (.NET3.5), Dev

  • Inject HTML and Javascript into existing page with BHO using MS Visual Studio 2010 and C# - waisol
    This article demonstrates how to modify pages loaded into the Internet Explorer browser in order to show your own information related to the current page. For example: some ads, or special offers, or anything else that you may need. (Unedited)
    C#, .NET



Windows Presentation Foundation

  • NotifyParentObservableCollection (Part 1) monitors changes of its children properties - Michael Agroskin
    ObservableCollection attaches to the PropertyChanged events of its children and raises the ChildPropertyChanged event accordingly. Very useful when you need to update / select / arrange / move items (Unedited)
    C#, .NET, WPF, Dev, checkbox, combobox, User-controls, mvvm, model-view-viewmodel

  • NotifyParentObservableCollection (Part 2) monitors changes of its children properties - Michael Agroskin
    ObservableCollection attaches to the PropertyChanged events of its children using WeakEvent pattern, and raises the ChildPropertyChanged event accordingly. Replicates functionality of BindingList but without overhead. Very useful when you need to update / select / arrange / move items. (Unedited)
    C#, .NET, WPF, Dev, checkbox, combobox, User-controls, mvvm, model-view-viewmodel

  • Simple Drag Selection in WPF - Ashley Davis
    Describes a technique for implementing drag selection in WPF (bonus: also multiple item dragging) (Unedited)
    C#, Windows, XAML, WPF, Dev

Windows Workflow Foundation

Cryptography & Security

  • A Tiger Hash Implementation for C# - mastamac
    A Tiger Hash Implementation for C#, based on .net's HashAlgorithm Class (Unedited)
    C#, .NET (.NET2.0), Dev, Encryption, cryptography


Programming Tips

Design and Architecture

  • Say Hello To Behavior Driven Development (BDD)- Part 1 - Mahmudul Haque Azad
    This article describes the natural evaluatoin of BDD from commen problem of devleopers not following TDD properly. It also describes a bit about Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Domain Specefic Language (DSL) which are naturally connected with BDD. (Unedited)
    C#, Java, F#, .NET-Topics, Architect, Dev, QA, Design, testing, Patterns, Development, Project

Articles updated


  • How to Support the Ribbon And a Menu in the Same Executable - Paul M. Parks
    You can provide a Ribbon in Windows 7, but still support menu input, while only releasing one executable. (Unedited)
    C++, Windows (WinXP, Win2003, Vista, Win2008, Win7, Win2008-R2), Win32, Visual-Studio (VS2010), COM, Dev, menu, UI, Windows7, software, VisualStudio

Applications & Tools



Windows Phone 7

  • Windows Phone 7 – Toast Notification Using Windows Azure Cloud Service - prasad02
    Windows Phone 7 – Step By Step How To Create WP7 Toast Notification Using Windows Azure Cloud Service With WCF Service Web Role (Unedited)
    C# (C#3.0, C#4.0), XML, WinMobile, .NET (.NET3.5), Mobile (Windows-Phone-7), Cloud, Win2003, Vista, Win2008, Win7, Win2008-R2, Visual-Studio (VS2010), WCF, XAML, WPF, Azure, Architect, Dev, Design, C#3.5, Web-Development, .NET4

  • Microsoft Push Notification in Windows Phone 7 - prasad02
    Understand the Types of Microsoft Push Notification and Step by Step Flow of Microsoft Push Notificaiton in Windows Phone 7 (Unedited)
    C# (C#3.0, C#4.0), WinMobile, .NET (.NET3.5), Mobile (Windows-Phone-7), Cloud, WCF, XAML, WPF, Azure, Architect, Dev, Design, C#3.5, Application, General, UI, .NET4

Audio and Video


C / C++ Language


  • Fast String Sort in C# and F# - Stefan Savev 2
    Implementation of Multikey String Quick Sort (following Sedgewick) (Unedited)
    C#, F#, Architect, Dev, Sorting


  • Simple Service Locator - The .NET Junkie
    The easiest Inversion of Control framework in town
    C# (C#3.0), .NET (.NET3.5), Architect, Dev, .NET4

Windows Presentation Foundation

Algorithms & Recipes

Tips and Tricks added

Dialogs and Windows

Date and Time

Internet / Network

  • Testing Internet Connectivity - Ozcan ILIKHAN
    Some of the functions of our applications may require a run-time test of internet connectivity. Once internet connectivity is detected, the functions that require internet access may temporarily be disabled and/or the user can be notified via an alert message. (Unedited)
    C#, Windows, .NETCF, .NET, Network, Internet

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

IBM developerWorks news: Top 10 of 2010

IBM 7 January 2011 | Volume 12, Issue 1 
developerWorks Weekly Edition

Welcome, developers!

Ah, January -- the time of year when one's thoughts turn to weight loss, finances, personal growth, and ... top 10 lists! That's right, we couldn't start 2011 without doing our annual glance back at the highlights of 2010. Below is our list of the top 10 most popular developerWorks resources from last year, as determined by you. (Want more than 10? Check out our expanded top 20.) The ever-popular "Lazy Linux" article once again grabbed the top spot, but the list also includes an impressive array of current technical topics (such as the well-loved "5 things" Java technology series). And our editorial team had a few favorites, too: Here's a sampler of what they saw as our most noteworthy offerings of 2010.

Meanwhile, 2011 is already in high gear on developerWorks, where you'll find plenty of new resources to help you innovate and stay competitive. We're excited about the year ahead (when a certain company turns 100!), and we look forward to helping you connect with the technologies and expertise you're after. I'll have lots to keep me busy -- hey, anything to avoid looking at that credit card bill.

Stay solvent. Stay healthy. Stay focused.
John Swanson and the developerWorks editorial team

Top 10 developerWorks URLs for 2010:

  1. Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins
  2. WebSphere Developer Technical Journal
  3. Introduction to Android development Using Eclipse and Android widgets
  4. Create modern Web sites using HTML5 and CSS3
  5. On-demand skills session: An introduction to XML
  6. 5 things you didn't know about ... everyday Java tools
  7. Build a dynamic organization tree using GWT and RESTful web services
  8. 5 things you didn't know about ... Command-line flags for the JVM
  9. Build skills for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
  10. Build dynamic user interfaces with Android and XML



Lotusphere 2011 is right around the corner (30 Jan - 3 Feb in Orlando)
Innovate 2011: Call for papers deadline extended to 14 Jan
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Trial: Lotus Notes and Domino Administrator clients V8.5.2
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